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If You’re Not Social Knitting, And You Know Who You Are…

20 July 2009 3 Comments
...Well, you're just missing out on all the fun.  Here are some pictures of Sunday's Social Knit-a-thon! img_0061 img_0059 img_0060 img_0058\ img_0057


  • Chris said:

    I’ll be there when I get back from vacation!

  • Louise said:

    I really miss not being able to come in & knit. I hope to bring Ava in on Wed afternoon for another knit lesson. I now have child size needles for her. Please punch my card for last weeks session with Sue…my arm is still out of comission for now. Am waiting for a referral for p.t.

  • Karyn said:

    I am going to try and get over soon. I have been on vacation this week and need to get things taken care of. Will be by soon.

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